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  1. Long-reining
  2. Good rein?
  3. Clicker training
  4. Moving the Thelwell Pony
  5. Horse won't bend!!
  6. idea's on correcting bad manners please?
  7. Schooling in the East Midland area??
  8. Techniques for picking up BIG stubborn feet?
  9. Strong Horse, Help Needed
  10. Going back in the school...
  11. Can't do circles!
  12. Strengthening back/topline
  13. head between legs, suggestions?
  14. clicker training
  15. Topflyht Activator..
  16. Paranoid Mummy!
  17. Lunge rollers and caveson advise needed
  18. Extraordinary breakthough today.
  19. Trip!
  20. napping
  21. Can't bend on one side
  22. Spurs for a thick skinned horse?
  23. Slow Canter
  24. Loss of Confidence
  25. Schooling ideas please
  26. Clicker Training.
  27. Ideas to imrprove manners!!
  28. Loadin Issue
  29. so proud of my horsey!
  30. How to build up/maintain fitness in winter
  31. Bucking problem
  32. The trainer that said my horse looks like a cartoon...
  33. New Schooling Issue reared it's ugly head :(
  34. whats does this mean?
  35. Before and after shooling pics - add your own!
  36. Hacking/Spooky Horse = me nervous (help)
  37. A bit 'too forward'
  38. Schooling help for jumping
  39. Bomb proofing
  40. Head Tossing
  41. Topline/ way of going/ conformation critique, please!
  42. moving away from the leg
  43. Respect
  44. help! horse is scared of poles!
  45. schooling on a hack
  46. Long and low excercises
  47. Stubborn, Willfull, Opinionated
  48. Fireworks-November 5th
  49. Canter poles
  50. What bit do you use on your newly bitted youngster?
  51. Advise wanted on buying a 'steady' pony.
  52. ******ing off when he feels like it - help!!
  53. Chewing on everything, ARGGGGHHHHHH !!!!!!!
  54. Odie behavioural project - Day 1.
  55. hmmmmmm what would you do??
  56. How do you lunge???
  57. Napping
  58. Guess where I am!!!! PICS
  59. Out for walkies with Vel and Turk
  60. Bolting- how to respond?
  61. catching tips
  62. A question of training aids...
  63. Best ways to get a horse to stretch long and low when ridden?
  64. Jogging
  65. Pony getting headstrong, but after a year?
  66. Hates the stable
  67. How to stop a horse tripping?
  68. A classic - his fears are not your fears!
  69. Doesn't like cantering circles
  70. Pacing - a thread for standardbred owners/riders
  71. help get safi not so lazy in the school, and in outline!
  72. Help with getting horse in an outline...
  73. Schooling while you Hack
  74. Extension and collection
  75. Reducing "above the bit"
  76. I think it's starting to come together!
  77. Standing still to mount
  78. Does anyone else have an electric bottom???
  79. A few Little Un pics
  80. What are the reasons behind re-starting a horse?
  81. tacking up, pony wont let you..at all!
  82. OMG! FANTASTIC Lesson....!!!
  83. My horse bucked... what shall I do in future???
  84. Which training aid?
  85. Using canter poles
  86. Bringing him back into work?
  87. A BIG Thank you to NR
  88. Leg yields and how to improve a weak rein?
  89. horse that rears - Vertically
  90. update on horse scared of poles...
  91. Advise needed on Magics canter please
  92. Aggressive
  93. Bringing back to work after 6 months
  94. Young horse on the bit
  95. So how did you accustom your horse to everything?
  96. Manners?
  97. Improving strength and balance in canter
  98. My 2nd lesson with new RI in daylight *PICS*
  99. How to get him to lift his shoulder and step under more?
  100. Catching problems
  101. Catching my horse and other issues!
  102. Some TO wisdom would be appreciated please :)
  103. Lunging exercises wanted :)
  104. ground work excercises ?
  105. starting to lose faith in my RI help needed:(
  106. leg handling/feet picking issues
  107. New Horse & bonding.......Getting To Know Each Other
  108. Bits - there's no accounting for a horse's 'taste'!
  109. How to deal with refusing to move forwards?
  110. Clicker training for a 2 year old on box rest...
  111. For those of us with young horses backed last year to share ideas/plans
  112. Favourite schooling excercises
  113. What I learnt today!
  114. Do all horses do this?
  115. Anyone near sevenoaks want to have a go on my cob?
  116. Help. Seriously.
  117. Training programme for Frankie
  118. Help needed with building topline/muscle
  119. There was a crooked horse...
  120. Preparing for dentist
  121. Walking off when mounting
  122. Long lining bitless
  123. Help me with a fitness programme
  124. strange nappiness - advice pls
  125. Trotting to catch up.......
  126. New Little Pony !
  127. I did it
  128. help teach Lucy how to canter!!
  129. Taken a major step back - help please?
  130. Amazing lesson tonight
  131. Your lungeing tips, please
  132. Horse being silly when brought back into work.
  133. Clicker Training
  134. Travelling
  135. How do I stop him falling behind the bit?
  136. Mounting in the school...
  137. How To Get The Best Trot?
  138. Bringing back into work?
  139. I really need some help......
  140. How do you transfer it to ridden work?
  141. Long reining the adult horse
  142. Exercises for building muscle in walk?
  143. Bringing a horse back to work after time off
  144. Basil - Step 1 in Anti-Anxiety Training!
  145. Feeling deflated - my mare is running away with me
  146. Rearing
  147. Our downwards transitions are rubbish!
  148. Get your head up horse!
  149. books?! anyone no any good books?
  150. Bringing mare back into work
  151. What is my boy trying to tell me???? ..............
  152. Disunited Canter
  153. Horse coughing and snorting during schooling?
  154. Clipping help please
  155. sending horses away to be professionally schooled?
  156. Pessoa
  157. Making a horse confident on its own?
  158. Foal with no handling on it..
  159. Blue's going to boot camp
  160. Would it be so wrong to send him away
  161. What to do..? Where has my calm mare gone....??
  162. How can I get him to bend his neck?
  163. How would YOU get him to canter?
  164. To have our 1st Canter in field or not?
  165. Mason learning to jump, pics of course!
  166. someone to re-school a horse in west midlands?
  167. How much to do?
  168. hacking alone???
  169. One Sided Horse
  170. Napping
  171. Making pole work fun?
  172. Jumping a horse that's never jumped- advice
  173. Lazy man walk!
  174. Videos Of Backing Horses
  175. Lovely schooling session with The Shrew this evening...
  176. Polework - good lesson!
  177. Self Carriage
  178. what would you do if...
  179. Is it bad to break a horse in, with a treeless saddle if you will eventually change..
  180. Excersises to help bending/stiffness?
  181. Teaching an 11yo to canter?
  182. Your bitless photos please
  183. Working with a green horse. Tips please!!
  184. By jove he's got it!
  185. Help with re-schooling a horse that likes to rush and lean....
  186. Low & Low or having me on? With photos :)
  187. slowing down the trot
  188. At what age can you start introducing youngsters to jumps?
  189. Getting Frankie fit and working nicely
  190. carrot stretches
  191. Riding into corners
  192. Lunging help?
  193. Erm I need some advice...
  194. building up top-line
  195. Planting - what can I try??
  196. Falling out through the shoulder
  197. Mounting problems?
  198. Sooo annoying!!
  199. Inside-out arab: advice on getting rounder?
  200. Whats the best way of teaching a horse to stay on its own?
  201. More schooling help needed!
  202. Sideways movements
  203. Why do some horses kick?
  204. Walk to canter
  205. Bit help, some advise wanted please...
  206. Throws head when taking off headcollar to release;
  207. trotting poles - how do I stop Whisper 'jumping' them?
  208. Back in work
  209. Correct canter leads ...
  210. Hampshire - Can anyone recommend...
  211. bucking going into canter
  212. Nap, Nap, Nap
  213. anyone know of someone to reschool/work with issues in west mids area?
  214. Schooling ideas for teaching balance
  215. Tips on getting a more uplift/collection in canter
  216. Where to start when bringing a horse back into work?
  217. Increasing stamina
  218. Travelling problems!
  219. Loading
  220. long and low but not on the forehand
  221. Horse dead to the leg
  222. stabling trouble
  223. I'm actually so proud of myself and my little baby George :D
  224. Balance
  225. FP 1 - Tammy 1
  226. I love my new Pessoa!
  227. Rearing...
  228. I need some advice please.
  229. how to get used to motorbikes safely
  230. First proper attempt at longreining
  231. First time schooling
  232. schooling tips for giraffe pony
  233. Flatwork advice please ....
  234. Shying cant take much more help
  235. Improving "Stand"
  236. Today Little Un learnt ......
  237. Dollie and Jacks lessons with Julia Gourley
  238. How to stop her jumping?
  239. canter!
  240. outlines and hackamores?
  241. Getting some Bend?
  242. Beating a horse?
  243. Teaching a young horse about contact?
  244. Fitting a Pessoa?
  245. Training a horse with jumping exercises and gridwork
  246. Bending and suppleness exercises please!
  247. Falling in/out through the shoulder
  248. giving horses breaks? and teaching them sheep do not bite! (long)
  249. Using a Bungee
  250. Miro vids - schooling/Novice 30 practise.