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  1. Starting a childs lead rein pony?
  2. What do YOU think should be done with a youngster prior to getting on for 1st time?
  3. Those of us with Babies...
  4. getting on my 3yr old for the first time
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  11. Backing a youngster
  12. Washing down youngsters with salt water?
  13. Getting young horses used to hacing and traffic??
  14. Getting young horses used to hacking and traffic??
  15. Vel and Dollie do more backing training with pics
  16. Is 3 too young? questions questions!!
  17. Breed questions
  18. Yards for backing/schooling livery. (North East) Also some general Qs.
  19. What are all this year's rising 4 yr olds up to ...?
  20. Backing horses - Wiltshire
  21. Brandy :) baby we're backing
  22. What next
  23. Vel is going on his holidays
  24. Rode Monty without being led for the first time
  25. Who is currently backing horses/ponies? and how todays little ride went
  26. Who uses a neck strap?
  27. How does my plan sound?
  28. First day riding with a saddle
  29. Staying on the lead/lunge after backing
  30. Look what we did... PICS!
  31. Help teaching go/stop/turn
  32. Bodi's ridden education has officially started! - with pics
  33. Backing and breaking the untouched wild horse?
  34. Jimmy Lister...
  35. How many people have done it alone?
  36. I got on today!
  37. ***youngsters*** how did you do your first hack??
  38. Have you got the bug?
  39. Using an un-fitted saddle for backing?
  40. Trainers...?????
  41. whats my next step?
  42. Crypticity (Much Muttley sniggering)
  43. Funny/strange things breakers do.
  44. Teaching leg aids
  45. How did your youngster react when you first sat on it properly ?
  46. Starting the young horse
  47. What age would you back a horse?
  48. Busman's holiday? Youngster backing Scotland
  49. Reassure me I'm doing the right thing...
  50. Amazing day!! :D
  51. The boy has come good!
  52. dealing with rearing
  53. Backing midas & bitting question?
  54. Midas going solo!
  55. first time
  56. my baby Mouselet is growing up!
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