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  2. bitting advice plz!
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  25. Pelhams....!
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  29. bitting advice
  30. how severe are...
  31. Advice on types of metals etc?
  32. Kis Vihar, other bit geeks pretty please look!!
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  34. What bit is this?
  35. And so my bitting saga continues... suggestions?
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  38. Bitting advice
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  40. Can someone find me........
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  43. bits
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  57. a what's this bit thread :D
  58. Brake problem
  59. please tell me if these bits are the same?!
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  62. Sizing
  63. Best lozenge baucher?
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  66. Copper/other metals.
  67. Hackamore
  68. Pee Wee bit - anyone used one?
  69. Online bit store
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  71. Marks on bits
  72. 3 ring gag?? Would it be a good idea to try?
  73. Doesnt lay well in my head, I have bitted Porsha
  74. Waterford Bit
  75. i would like to understand more about bitting - any useful materials/websites
  76. Chifneys
  77. problems with my pelham
  78. Should i change
  79. Magic bit, mild or severe
  80. What bit would you suggest? Pics
  81. So I Don't Hijack Igloo's Tread :P
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  83. Ideas on postcard .... Scooby!
  84. Chomping when bitted? Curiousity post, really.
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  90. Pelhams
  91. To gag or not to gag
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  95. Noodle so you remember
  96. Bit fit
  97. Second hand or new bit?
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  100. Recommendations please
  101. Hackamores
  102. Which bit is worse out of these 2?
  103. OMLG am I reading the price right
  104. Is it possible
  105. I think Phil needs a 6" bit
  106. bit help again
  107. Another bitting thread, sorry!
  108. What bit do you ride in and why?
  109. Bitting advice
  110. What bit is this??
  111. old sweet iron bits
  112. Bits
  113. What mouthpeice for a youngster
  114. What is the ideal, first proper bit for a youngster?
  115. Copper Rolly with D Ring Cheeks!
  116. Which Gag?
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  118. change of bit
  119. What bit would you suggest for a headstrong cob?
  120. Dislike of being bridled
  121. 6.5" continental 4 ring waterford gag
  122. Pee Wee Bit
  123. bit width....
  124. Snaffle with tongue relief
  125. Whats more severe?
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  128. need some advise.
  129. Anyone tried one of these?
  130. Whoop... My trial PeeWee bit should be delivered today!
  131. What bit would you recommend?
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  133. Introducing the pelham
  134. Following on from Soot's thread about Pelhams...
  135. anyone know where I can get a 6.5" jointed pelham??
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  138. Which bit for Dressage.
  139. Having a think about bits...
  140. Stupid question Re. Hanging cheek snaffle....
  141. Bits
  142. How was your horse when you first started bitting them?
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  144. Difference between a dutch gag and a universal?
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  148. When is a change of bit not a change of bit?
  149. help with bits for a new forest?
  150. Bitting help
  151. Slightly stronger bit for a TB
  152. Following on from slightly stronger bit for TB thread
  153. Globe Pelham and showing
  154. Cotswoldsports vs Neue Schule - difference??
  155. Rockin 'S' Snaffle
  156. Alternative to pelham - some type of gag?
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  158. Cotswold Sports Tongue Saver Bit
  159. Square Pelham?
  160. Recommend me a bit ....I have no clue!
  161. bit or hackamore for youngster??
  162. Bit for jumping Darcy... What would you try? VIDS
  163. Pee Wee bits
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  165. bitting for 'types'
  166. Informed Design Bits
  167. High ported bits
  168. I hate bitting young horses!
  169. Using a Peewee bit
  170. Neue Schule
  171. Pelhams/ doubles etc
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  174. Curb Chain
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  180. Bits
  181. NS Verbindend Universal gags vs equivalent cheaper versions
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  187. could I have some opinions please !!
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  190. Just stating the obvious that saddlery's seem oblivious to!
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