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15-11-2012, 21:58
Please share your tips and tricks re feeding hay from haynets.

Connor is currently fed his hay triple netted to try to slow down his eating and make it last longer. I tie each net inidividually, one inside another inside another. But I'm not sure how well it works, given that by morning I usually find one net by the door, one at the back of the stable covered in poo and the other in his water bucket. It also takes ages to prepare his nets. Any suggestions?

15-11-2012, 22:05
I have a net brought specifically for good doers. It's a normal haynet double netted. I'll try think of the name

15-11-2012, 22:12
I double net Phils, one inside the other then tie them together using the rope as opposed to tying them separately to the ring, if that makes sense? If not, can take a photo tomorrow :p

16-11-2012, 00:47
I've got a really good small holed net from Robinsons..it's red white and blue and Phantom hates it because it's so tricky to get hay out! Its huge too. I used to double net but this is much better.

16-11-2012, 10:56
Hang it in the middle of the stable or above the doorway so that it swings when he tries to eat from it? We did this with a laminitic in Italy and it took him HOURS to get through one haynet. Kept him occupied too!

16-11-2012, 11:30
Hang it in the middle of the stable or above the doorway so that it swings when he tries to eat from it? We did this with a laminitic in Italy and it took him HOURS to get through one haynet. Kept him occupied too!

I did this with Bobo once while I had him in waiting for the farrier cause he was late, mainly for my own amusement. He swung it for about 2 minutes then grabbed it and pulled it until it broke! :lol: Looked very pleased with himself eating all the hay up off the floor. :lol:
I had those double netted nets too, can't remember the name of them but they are really good!

16-11-2012, 12:38
You can get "double haynets" - ie one haynet that is actually one inside another and they are actually knotted together - can't remember who does them though.

16-11-2012, 12:48
That might be the elim-a-net? I dont really rate those, and lots of reviews about them falling apart very quickly.

I was looking at the trickle nets but they are expensive and I dont need one now. Still, theyre no more expensive than buying extra nets to double and triple net I suppose.

Chapter Two
16-11-2012, 12:52
You can buy trickle nets but they are very expensive

I use haylage nets which have small holes but I have also been known to double net these for Mickey when he was on box rest with haylage!!!! I tied each one up and looped through bottom of both so he couldn't pull one out of the other and get caught up!

16-11-2012, 14:21
I double net haylage nets with haylage in. Have both tie ups out the top to tie both onto the ring. I also sometimes hang this away from the wall. It's always empty by morning so he gets it all out somehow!

16-11-2012, 23:13
Ooh, ready made doubled-up haynets? I reckon I could make my own. I shall undo the ropes on identically sized nets, put them one inside the other, then lace them together with 1 rope. I may have to lace them together at the bottom too to make them more secure. Hopefully should make it quicker to fill.

16-11-2012, 23:36
I double net haylage nets with haylage in. Have both tie ups out the top to tie both onto the ring. I also sometimes hang this away from the wall. It's always empty by morning so he gets it all out somehow!

I do this, but with hay, for Usher, the inner net has smaller holes than the outer one but that's only because I inherited all my haynets from C and Doey.

17-11-2012, 00:10
This is how I do mine


17-11-2012, 11:09
Trickle nets may be expensive but they are worth their weight in gold!! I used to triple net poppy's haynets and she used to eat everything really quickly. Trickle net....no problem :D always had some left every morning!

I am going to be double/triple netting cher's but she doesn't gulp as much as poppy its more to stop her taking huge mouthfuls!

17-11-2012, 13:24
Another trickle net fan. Yes they are more expensive to purchase, but you only need one per horse, there is no fiddling about with double/triple netting. It takes them 2-3 times as long to eat half the amount of hay, and because of the work involved in getting the hay out they clear up what gets dropped on the floor.

I honestly think I've saved at least the cost of each haynet in hay which hasn't got wasted on the floor already this winter. Plus no balancing between over feeding horses and leaving them without food, no battling with layering nets either! I'm completely sold. One of mine just chews right through haynets too and I've had these since about March, and they all still look brand new, even with the chewer.

All in between the lack of wastage, the reduced amount of hay they are consuming and the fact I don't have to keep purchasing new nets for the chewer I've saved at least double what I spent purchasing them already.

19-11-2012, 08:06
ive got an elimanet and dont think its that good!hasnt really slowed my greedy cob down and shes broke it in quite a few places! will look a the elimanet, now shes on light work she resembles a whale!

20-11-2012, 20:59
I got fed up with the triple netting, and I've ordered a trickle net :)

20-11-2012, 21:07
well done!
Top Tip for you!!! If you can soak some hay in the hay net and tie it up to drain to help stretch the net :D if not prepare to swear ;) (only for a couple of days!)

Fabio's filly!
21-11-2012, 11:44
The Shires haylage nets are brill. The red and black ones hold a lot but takes them ages to eat. I bought these after having Elim-a-nets which are absolutely useless. Great for about 2 weeks until they start breaking and leaving big holes which Fab essentially hooked himself up to a constant drip feed of hay out of! Not worth the money at all.

21-11-2012, 11:57
When Hoop had to be stabled I used a haybag like this one - http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0058IBY2C/ref=asc_df_B0058IBY2C10678306?smid=A20UFIL7MHKG1J&tag=hydra0b-21&linkCode=asn&creative=22218&creativeASIN=B0058IBY2C&hvpos=1o5&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=1313836443782305511&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt= It swings so is difficult to get hold of, and there's fine string like haylage netting over the hole so difficult to get hay out of too!

25-11-2012, 14:31
Triple netting with small-holed hay nets was taking me ages so I decided to invest in a trickle net after reading reviews online. It arrived in a couple of days. It's tough and heavy, square shaped, kind of like a shopping bag. It's quite stiff but I think it will soften with use and should be pretty indestructable. The rope closure is heavy duty so it's a bit tricky to thread through the net if that's how you tie it up to a ring. I weighed it empty and it weighs about 1kg. Filled for the first time it was 6kg so that's 5kg of hay. It will probably stretch quite a bit so I'll have to make sure not to put too much in.

There's a lady on my yard with a haflinger with EMS that I'm quite friendly with. I was telling her I'd just got a trickle net, and she already has one!. She uses a small-holed haynet inside of the trickle net. She says she has also tried an eliminet and the trickle net is so much better.



I just wish it came in green :)

Black Beastie
25-11-2012, 14:41
Hmmmmm think S might be getting one shortly!!

Great reviews was worried it wouldn't work and be a waste of thrirty quid but seems not :)

25-11-2012, 15:06
I kept considering one for Phil, I'm still not 100% sure.

31-12-2012, 01:23
The red white and blue one I got from Robinsons, I ended up cutting some bigger holes in it for Phantom!

I like the idea behind the trickle net/elimina-net, but I don't enjoy watching my pony getting frustrated and grabbing at his net with his teeth because he can't get any hay out :( Going soft on the old boy, he only has about 5 bigger holes so it still slows him down.

31-12-2012, 01:24
Also I've realised how thick I've been not measuring the empty Haynet before weighing hay! D'oh!

31-12-2012, 10:21
Trickle nets are brilliant!

If you soak some hay in it it will stretch and soften!

31-12-2012, 10:23
L&P: Whe i started poppy off I pulled 5 little bits out to help her start the net Worked a treat :) Within 48 hrs she was using her lips properly and was able to start the net on her own :D

31-12-2012, 19:09
Typical Phantom he doesn't want the bits I've pulled out for him lol! I think I'm too soft on him :)

I got there this evening and he was straining over his door trying to get next door's morning net of haylage, greedy boy!