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Thread: The Nervous Nellies Corner

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    Oh blimey, just seen this! I remember the spook in question as well. I refused to take him up that end of the school for the whole lesson I'm still quite wibbly but I've jumped up to 2 foot 9 and went galloping on a strange horse!

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    Hmmm. What would I do if I wasn't afraid? What am I afraid of? What is the worst that could happen?

    Questions I keep asking myself. I avoid riding because I am afraid of the pain that comes with falling off and the feeling of not being in control when my horse b*ggers off with me. Just before christmas, Harry, my partner's 16.3hh Cleveland Bay barged over me, knocked me over and stood on my leg on his way. It hurt. A lot. I learned that it isn't riding that is risky, it is horses that are risky and I'm not going to avoid being with them to avoid the risk.

    At the moment I'm not able to ride without fear but I am riding as though I were not afraid. I tack up, get on board and ride. Each time I ride I push my boundries a little more to prove to myself that I can. I fell off a couple of weeks ago and hurt my leg but it isn't going to set me back. People fall off, it doesn't have to turn them into blathering wrecks.
    I am determined to let go of my self imposed unworthiness and ride!


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