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Thread: Turnout for Native Ponies - ridden & In-hand - not finished yet!!

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    'NEVER EVER EVER use a snaffle bridle and clip a lead rein on, just wrong wrong wrong'

    Just out of interest do you mean the leather ones with the double brass chains & clips on?

    Im doing some inhand with my shetty next month and was going to buy a leather lead rein with brass clips to pop onto his bit rings, is this not correct?

    This is his inhand bridle....

    Also going to be taking my 13.3h Pony (Unknown breeding) into a couple of classes. Again i was going to buy a leather lead rien to go onto a snaffle bit, would i be better off with riens?

    This was taken last year, he is no longer hogged and will be plated up etc

    The show is only local so im thinking of wearing grey tweed jacket with white shirt, beige jods with little black joddy boots. Would this not be acceptable?

    Sorry for all the questions, never shown before!

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    Leads can be attached to in-hand bridles in which ever way you prefer. If you are using a ridden bridle, put the reins over the head - don't attach any kind of lead to a ridden bridle.


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