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Thread: waah my body won't respond like it did 23 years ago!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cazie View Post
    My instructor pulled my leg outwards to flex my hip and put my leg in the right position and as she pulled it outwards towards her I nearly fell of the other side .. most embarrassing .. but afterwards it felt wonderful!
    Maybe she could take up and evening job as chiropractor

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    I know the feeling, i have been trying to keep semi fit till my boy was old enough to be backed(2 years pretty much), its been a stoppy, starty Winter, but hopefully now we are able to keep going. Having to run in the ring, in hand helped with fitness, but being back in the saddle is great, im ok when im on, its when i get off i feel it

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    I think for some days in the starting of the training or the riding you feel that your body parts are not at their place , you can't even sit properly on the sofa. These all the things are natural but after some days you will be the regular rider and after that you don't have any problem and thats for sure.

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