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    Default Painless Riding made possible

    Well I watched OH ending his lesson yesterday. Some circles of canter and then trotting a mini dressage thing - with shallow loops and winding in and out of cones up the centre line. It is three years since he started riding, age 67, and I was pretty amazed by the change. He was hardly athletic and very round shouldered and that hasn't changed. But he now looks like a jockey.

    And the teacher who has worked this miracle , not just with OH but with other elderly riders and some young ones as well, has at last put her teaching on record. If you are wondering how to sit well on a horse and ride it without pain or stress - to you or the animal - this is one tried and tested answer. Lessons with Minette Rice Edwards in the March, April and May issues of Horse and Rider.

    Several popular and knowledgeable folk from NR - remember cvb and whataneejit? - went to Minette for a lesson or two, and many of my posts reflected what I learned from her.

    A good teacher doesn't spring from nowhere. This sort of riding owes a lot to Sally Swift, to Charles Harris's experience of the classical school in Vienna, and to the Alexander technique.

    You will see young pupils in the photos - it is a method for everyone. It just so happens it is magic for those of us who are old. For the RIs on this list - there is a lot of expertise on helping disabled people to ride. But very few teachers have given real thought to teaching the elderly, unpromising and utterly uncompetitive how to ride a horse, and as a bonus to improve their balance, their safety and their happiness in life.

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    Very interesting Skib. Someone I was talking to last night has heard great things about Minette and her lessons. I live quite near her yard and am seriously considering giving her a go.

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    Thanks for the heads up Skib - I get Horse and Rider so will keep an extra eye out.

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    I think the comfortable riding is depends on the teacher that how they teach the trick of sitting on the horse or riding on the horse. Basically if the person have the perfect technique then he never have pain. Thats for sure also.

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