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Thread: would you choose NFFR or NFNF if you had a choice?

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    Default would you choose NFFR or NFNF if you had a choice?

    am just looking at nomination forms and I am wondering what other people would choose if they had a choice between NFFR or NFNF?
    on the one hand the no fee is great, but then i think, i like that stallion so if we dont get a foal from him this time i'd still like to send my mare back the next time.
    then i think what if i havent got this mare next year? the stallion has been chosen to suit her and whats to say i'll have another i would want tto send back?
    then i think the stud fees will prob have gone up again next year so if i have NFNF it wouldnt cover the next fee anyway...

    im thinking myself round in circles here

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    NFFR personally

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    Newcastle but home is where Australia is


    I would chose NFNF as if the mare didn't take I would probably go with another stallion the following year, I usually do things different to other people though. However NFFR is more common.

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