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Thread: Man coming out to read meter - e-on..........rant!

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    Regardless of whether the bill has been paid, they will still need to do ameter reading, bills are paid on guestimated useage readings, she may find that she has over paid and get a refund, we do, every 3 months we about Ł100 back.
    If you pay online (as the OP's mum does) you give your own meter reading so the bill is accurate. They have to check once every 2 years to confirm you haven't been lying. The reason for this is if there is a debt over two years old and they haven't read the meter then it is cleared and you don't have to pay

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    They averaged mine out at 45 a month, Ive never done a meter reading it was all done my them, now though when they send me a letter telling me Im owed money, they ask me for the meter reading, its a minefield.

    OP: Why doesnt your mum want them in the house?

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    a 2 yr check would be fine but not all the time!! mum rang last time and they said they would stop sending them out so often then they came again why? because she has already submitted online and paid for it so she doesnt understand the need to check so often. i understand they need to check but not all the time, plus she already rung them about it. i gave her a link to this thread anyway, so i will let mum sort it out. thanks for your help, very very useful

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    to be perfectly honest, the utility companies are in a no win situation, we have customers that rant and rave if a reader doesnt attend and refuses to read the meter and refuses to pay an estimated bill by claiming "its your job to read the meter" actually its not, its equal responsibility to ensure meter reads are accurate, by law we HAVE to have read the meter at least once every two years, but its the customers responsibility to ensure that the bill is also accurate. We have people ranting and raving about an estimated start read/end read, yet have assumed we know when they move in and out of a property and what the reads were. They get very upset when we try to explain that regardless of what they believe, we dont have cameras aimed on the property and meters which tell us when people move in and out and what their reads are, they dont seem to understand that we are not mind readers. To help them out, we do our best, by asking them to read their meter and then read it again a week later, so we can work out what thier average daily usage is to guesstimate what their start read should be. Sometimes even thats too much trouble and the abuse we get is abominable, we can only go by the reads and information given, and if not given to us, what chance do we stand, hence why i am glad i am being made redundant and why i will never ever go back into this type of work again, no matter how much they pay its not worth the rudeness and abuse we get.

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    my meter hasnt been read by anyone in nearly 10years, i tell them they have to go past 10 dogs{now 8} and they are happy to let me take the reading LOL

    Mother always told me honesty is the best policy, but for most the truth hurts.

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    When that man claimed that he is coming from E.on, your mom should have to ask for his identity card. Last year in the month of December, I faced similar situation. After payment of my e.on bill, two persons came to my house claiming that they are coming from e.on and want to note check meter reading. I told them that I have already paid the bill and there is no use of again checking the meter again. But they forcefully try to enter my house. I asked for their identity card, which was not in their possession. It made me clear that they are fraud. I called E.on customer service here and told them all the details.They replied me that certain fraud persons are entering the houses in the name of different companies for the purpose of theft and it will be better to call police. When I came back, they have already gone. So beware from such groups.

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    By law (I was told by a meter reader), they only have to physically read the meter once per year ...... Other than that they can bog off. We work nights and rarely let the meter man in - let alone once a year !!!

    I would just shut the door on him or not answer it at all - failing that call the police and tell them he is harassing her when he calls round

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