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    It's a long time since I posted on any fora like this but I wondered if anyone could help me.
    I have been trying to contact Don Fechner from Boots and Saddles co. without success. The landline numbers given on the website are unavailable, as is the mobile number, I haven't had any replies to various emails either.
    Does anyone on here know of his contact details?
    Many Thanks

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    It would appear that Don hasn't been well but don't know any more details as I have had the same problem as you with the phone nos. I am trying to order some of his Barkley jeans. I have found someone who may be able to help me and awaiting a phone call. What are you after, maybe these people may be able to help you. Won't know what they can do till they phone me back.

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    Hi Mazza
    Thanks for that info, I suspected something of the sort. I am wanting to purchase one of the Ergonomic western leather cinches that he has advertised from GVR USA Technics. It is made from Wickett Craig leather so probably good quality and also good price I've no doubt!
    If you hear any more I would be pleased to know.
    Thanks for replying.

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    I am also trying to track Don down as he has a saddle of mine. He is (or someone is) reading his emails but not responding which is very frustrating. Someone toild me he had been ill but all his telephone lines are cut off!

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    I too am trying to get hold of him. Ive sent several emails which havent been replied to and as said the numbers dont work. I actually ordered a cinch from him, all paid for, and it has never arrived!!! I'm annoyed cause it wasnt cheap and I needed it 3 weeks ago!

    What do I do?!

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    He has always been notoriously difficult to get a response from - I have also tried and failed in the past. I was trying to buy a saddle, but clearly he couldn't be bothered to sell one (this was 2 years ago BTW). I know several people after the event who managed to get hold only to get a half hearted response and they also gave up pursuing him or his products i am afrad ........... waits to be told otherwise and shot down in flames
    Good luck getting what you need though

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    I had heard that Don wasn't trading anymore and in desperation sent an email to GVR USA Technics, who passed my email to a guy in the Netherlands called David Ottjes .
    David has a website called He has the same range of Cattlemans/ Pools saddleryand more. He was really good, sending me the Ergonomic leather cinch that I had been after from Don straightaway!
    David is going to be at the Sternberg Ranch for the East Coast Circuit (I think it's called that) show at Bodiam, East Sussex. He hopes to come over on a monthly basis to different regions.
    Hope this info helps anyone who, like me was feeling stumped!

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