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Thread: Competition horses...are they wanted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilythepink View Post
    I wanted that horse, I was so tempted to go and ask her if she would sell him to me, name her price he is just so gorgeous
    He's a stunner alright but i highly dout she'd sell him, as he's her baby just like syl is to you hun
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    Thanks for the replies guys, I was pondering what to do with my boy next year. I go off down south to uni to do my postgrad and I want to take him with but don't want him just sat doing nothing. I'm not a disabled rider but I've loaned my boy out to the RDA group at home for the past 5 years and he's been with multiple riders to the RDA Nationals and done really well over the past 5 years never scoring below 65% at grades 1-4. Just when I move he will be coming with, hence the RDA group wont have access to him any longer, so was just pondering would other people jump at the chance to basically have the ride on him.

    Thanks all for you replies and based upon them I think it's something I'll definately look into this time next year. Talk about planning ahead Personally I gain nothing but the enjoyment of watching someone else benefit more from him than me, doing something that I love to help with.

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