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Thread: Is 3 too young? questions questions!!

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    I backed Mason when he was 3 years 9months. We just took it slowly, nothing hecitic and just pootling around for 15mins at a time a couple of times a week. Slowly stepped it up a gear when he turned 4 and now he's doing fantastically and adores his work, hacks out well and can jump 1m+; but very much still in his education, it's all about reading and understanding your horse. It is far better to back a horse later than too early.

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    We backed Charlie as he was turning 3 - Jess had been long reining him for 3 or 4 months before hand. We did it mainly because he was getting such a big strong b****r, we didn't want to let him get too big before we started! Jess was only very light (about 6 1/2 stone). It didn't do him any harm at all

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    At the age of 3 you can do a light breaking with her, which is body desensitizing, lunging in the stable and yard, arenas, long- reining, over a couple of weeks. you can lounge her in the stable and pen, arena, yard with the roller and then the saddle on. first untightened to minimize the pressure and then tighten. make sure you dont tighten the saddle in the stable as she might buck. and then let her off for a year to mature, after which she can be fully broken including mounting and riding, training over poles etc.

    Good Luck
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