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Thread: What Do We Think, Folks? (Racing, Whips, Ban)

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    I dont believe anything I read in that Rag SM. It all turns out to be crap.

    Jockeys have been banned for over use of whip?? when??? Recently?? Never read that and I read the racing news most days??? Would be very interested to read that??

    As for the biting and kicking it still make a loud noise which is more for deterent than pain and I approve of that rather than a proper whip and leaving a welt on the horse.

    Nikki xxx

    Listen, smile, agree and then do whatever the hell you were going to do anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NiknKia View Post
    Those racing whips like the one he is brandishing in the pic are FOAM!!!

    I have one for the rideouts. They make a big bang but thats it. Have been belted by one when a friend got one, was expecting pain and was like wheres the sting??? So bought one.

    Honestly people need to actually research and not just see a whip and go oooooh that must hurt that poor horse. Have you ever seen a racehorse come off the track with whip marks??? I mean they show up rather quickly especially if the horse is sweating.

    Nikki xxxx
    Wow! I didn't know that!

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    also needs to be pointed out that the whip is not just for forward impulsion but as alreay pointed out the jockey has no leg or seat contact with the horse, a horse following the rails may stay in a straight line but a horse in the centre of the track is likely to wander, and may even end up interfering with another runner if it is not kept as straight as possible, waving the whip within the horses peripheral sight can help keep the horse on line.

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