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Thread: Maiden mare - age?

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    I would have said 12 to 15 being the latest I would leave it!!

    Nikki xxxx

    Listen, smile, agree and then do whatever the hell you were going to do anyway.

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    I was always told the best age to put a mare in foal for the first time was 10.

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    I`d say it depends on the etc

    Silly little annoying man who thinks he breeds top quality TB`s keeps his on my yard, has 2 brood mares who are put back with a stallion during the foal heat every year, this has been going on for the past 10+ years and mares are a fair old age now 18, has tried two attempts with both mares this year and all failed
    they`ve been producing poorer and poorer foals the last few years, last years are barely more than 12.3 and are yearlings!!

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    IF I wanted to put an older mare in foal Id have the vet out first to check her all over.

    But still, I believe my upper age limit would be 16

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    i'd say roughly around 13 for the top but then working at racing stud i cant say we've had anything over 8 as a maiden tbh but thats just due to them racing young.

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