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Thread: Why are we not so picky with our mares?

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    Up here an empty uterus is a non-earning mouth-to-feed uterus. Depressing but true.

    Someone was boldy boasting that this was their 13th foal () by the same stallion in a row. That is year after year after year. What does that tell you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smallhunter View Post
    Because if it's got a womb and it ain't doing nothing else bung it in foal far too many mares put in foal for this reason.
    Yep - that is exactly the problem. How many people with a mare who can't be ridden (often due to lameness) decide to breed from her so that she "has a job to do"? It is something that really irritates me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosie View Post
    what small hunter said

    i've been asked numerous time if i'll be taking a foal from hnoey - simply because she's a mare - if she was born a colt i'm pretty sure her bits would have been cut off yes i think she's lovely of course - but her confirmation is far from perfect and i have no idea of her breeding - IMHO that's the biggest risk of them all - her parents could have been hideous

    i do dream - i do look at lovely stallions and think aww i'd love to have a honey offspring - but in reality i'd never do it - i'd not risk her and i'd rather buy a started horse where someone else has had the risk of getting them alive to that age

    there is way too much indescriminate breeding drives me mad
    Thats precisely the reason B has not been put in foal. I really wanted to this year. I have never felt this way about any other mare I have owned. She has a half decent show record, is a very easy going laid back horse, but I would not want to risk her health.Things can and do go wrong and I would not be able to replace her.No matter how careful I am looking for a really good stallion I do not know her breeding. I have been asked by an appy breeder though that If I ever want to sell her they would buy her for breeding just because she has spots. I was GIVEN a gorgeuos little yearling last year . There are far to many unwanted well bred horses out there already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frances View Post
    Up here an empty uterus is a non-earning mouth-to-feed uterus. Depressing but true.

    Someone was boldy boasting that this was their 13th foal () by the same stallion in a row. That is year after year after year. What does that tell you?
    But, at the end of the 11 months and the 5 month foaly growing up time, all they have out of their mediocre stock is a tenner if they are lucky.

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    i think its ridiculous the amount of people that brred their mares just because

    i work at a racing stud and whilst we do not do actual coverings there (except AI) we do have a stallion to tease the mares with and we have all the youngstock that has been bred along with the mares.

    my boss would never put a mare in foal if it had bad confo.
    we have one mare that has had 4 foals. 1st foal now has a dodgy pelvis, second foal is not sound currently, third foal is off in training currently and 4th foal got sold so no idea where he is now. but based on the fact that 2 of her foals are now not sound and one of the others has had lameness issues, that particular mare will not be bred from again. these problems didnt show up in her foals until they were 2 and by the point the first filly had gone lame at 2, she had already had the next 2 foals which were 1 and 0 then. so not much could be done about that but it is a waste of money to breed an expensive exrace horse to a top quality stallion. and trust me these foals are worth 50,00 easily at birth. so sense needs to be used in breeding.

    another mare at work is black type and so of course she is bred from. shes fab confo, great race record, bred 2 foals but they have been on the small side and she turns into a nightmare whilst with foal at foot so it is undecided whether she is going to be put in foal again.

    but that is breeding for business and so there is no point having a foal that will leave you at a loss. especially with the amount of scans/exams these lot have. and a lot of these mares are PG'd in so that they can be put to early in the year.

    private breeding on the other hand i do not understand why so many people wnat to breed. a lot of them dont have the experience to bring up and train a foal and that is where you end up with bargy colts with no manners and an owner who says oh he is just being playful...
    and those who say oh my horse is so special to me i want to carry on her line when:

    1. confo isnt great
    2. manners arent great
    3. paces arent great
    4. track record isnt great
    5. bloodlines arent great
    6. its lame and so they want it to do something

    it is one of my pet hates, people breeding their own leisure horses when there are so many foals out there already.

    but then another hate is when people PG their mare in and LH their mare out, because they have stressful seasons.... that i really do not think is right...

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