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sunshine when riding i go numb but hurt like hell when i get off, but never know if its from my stroke or the arthritis ,

i tend to do things at my own speed and very gratefull to have a brilliant horse , who requires voice commands only,

was only on sunday when i went out on val and had my daughter on her pony, i was giving her a lesson on road saftey , we stopped at a junction and said, before going ascross at the junction, you have to look left and then right and then do it again before crossing, my beautiful mare was looking left and right as i was giving my daughter the instructions, made my daughter and i laugh, just goes to show how well she is to voice commands,

getting off hurts loads, mounting not to bad as i have had a mounting block made with stepsil be looking for the veggie alternative at the weekend

i do most of the looking after of my 4 horses myself, even if it takes all day, so i am mobile , just a slower pace
I have trained my wonderful pony to stand at the mounting block to let me disembark