Hello! Thanks for all your positive comments and always helps to know I'm not the only one who has these 'wibbles' :-) however have been struggling these last 2 weeks, did the show and although we had a slight incident on the way in, Thea spooked, landed on me, tripped me up I fell flat she bolted for home - thankfully horse lorry blocked her exit to the road....eek, took me a while to come down from that panic. She was fine once we caught up with a friend and a spare hay net. She was good as gold in her classes though and we got 4th & 6th.
Anyway, since then my OH has been signed off work, my own work was getting very stressful and I think I've hit a bout of anxiety - have suffered with panic attacks in the past :-(
So rather fed up as this has impacted on my riding and shot my confidence down to an all time low. I realize it's just a 'blip' but I so want to just enjoy some time with my horse without that feeling of dread. I rode last weekend when harvesting was taking place probably should have given it a miss as tractors, me and narrow lanes don't mix so not long spent in the saddle that day! Had a nice time in the school Sunday which cheered me up but so stretched during the week at the moment with OH out of action means less time to relax with Thea. Did some lunging and just trying to enjoy the time I do spend with her but feel too rushed to ride at the moment which isn't conducive to regaining my confidence.
Hopefully when the other issues start sorting themselves out I will get back on track but at the moment I feel I've leapt backwards again.
Anyone else suffered with general anxiety? Any advice welcome as always ;-)