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Thread: worst case scenario- knee op.

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    thanks for all of your replies. i still dont know what is going to happen- my knee pain started at end april, and was told it was ligiments and tendons, and ''rest it, come back for an xray if it doesnt get better' so i went back to see about an xray after a month of it not improving, but the doctor i saw told me i didnt need an xray because i had only tore the ligiments and tendon, even though i told him the first doctor told me to get an xray. so i waited another month of resting it as much as possible, and it still didnt improve, so i went back again at the beginning of this month, to see another doctor, who sent me straight for an xray, and the results came back which i recieved on monday; i have 2 fractures in seprate parts of the knee -- the top bit is broken, something behind kneecap is broken, and the bottom half of the knee has fallen and moved to one side, and rotated so it doesnt line up with the top half, and the small long bone which goes from knee to ankle on outside of shin, has come away from the knee where it is supposed to join it. (!!!) well, you think i would get some quick treatment finally, but no, i am still hobbling around in agony, although the nhs has marked it as urgent, the mri scan is in middle of august- the earliest i can get, as i am not an a&e emergency case. and then after the scan, they will decide what to do about it

    needless to say, i am fairly gutted, and getting desperate-- i mean, if i was a horse i would have been shot by now!!! i am so worried about the future and what will happen, and what has caused it. i have heard also that they dont like to do knee replacements until you are 65, but i am 58. hpoe they make an exception really, as i dont want to have to go through this again- the doctor(gp) said that it might be replaced, it might be keyhole, or re surfacing, or they might decide to just leave it--- my god- that doesn't bear thinking off!!! it is the not knowing, so i cant plan ahead, which is driving me bonkers, apart from the agony!

    i have been wearing a knee support for all of this time, and just hobble around as best i can.. the annoying thing is, i think acquaintances must think i have been putting it on, and now they probably wont believe me that it is broken!!! so no sympathy forthcoming either!!!
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    a bit of a setback- today i went for the mri scan which the gp refered me for- what i got was a consultation, and the consultant is now referring me for a mri scan--- i am beginning to think i will be like this forever! scattyhorses- did your mum ever get her operation???

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    Some NHS trusts are good - Some are bad.

    I am very lucky with mine, 3-4 weeks ago I went to my GP's c/o of a bad back. Now I've had 2 courses of accupuncture, massage, and my mri.
    Our local authority are now set by an 18 week waiting list - meaning you should be tested, diagnosed, treat within 18weeks from you going to your GP. This is fantastic compared to the 4 month long physio waiting list that was the 18week wait predecessor.
    The NHS will perform total knee replacements on people of any age.

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    i definately think it depends what area you are in!! i too thought that it was an 18 week target to get it sorted, but as a friend suggested, maybe its 18 weeks for each segment of treatment. i am not usually such a whinger, but its just really getting me down that it is so ongoing with nothing being done


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