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Thread: How to convert a carriage for wheelchair use

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    Default How to convert a carriage for wheelchair use


    I have been looking for a carriage which can accomodate a wheelchair plus wheelchair user and one other driver

    There are not many available

    Many look as if they have been converted and we wondered if we could do this ourselves

    My husband is good at building and DIY

    Does anybody have any experience or knowedge of this please?

    Thank you very much

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    We have an excellent little wheelchair cart.

    Not sure you can convert an ordinary one due to the balance issues, you'd be better the start from scratch. A crancked axle is a good place to start as it keeps everything low to the ground, you need a heck of a length of floor too to accomodate the chair in a good point of balance. You can get second hand ones, the RDA now require a groom plus a driver, so a lot of the old 2 seater ones were finished with by them. Phone round some RDA groups and see if you can puck up a second hand one or one in need of repair.

    This is it, we were taking the kids from the ASN school for a jaunt. Some of the kids with quite specialist needs can't travel to us, so we go to them.

    This is a friend driving Andy with her wheelchair

    You can see how much room ther is in it, this is with two seats for able bodied folk, the seat the boy is in is pulled quite a way forwards, to get the balance right without the chair.

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    The back comes down like a ramp for wheeling up chairs btw,


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