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Thread: spectator report of the national side saddle show with pics

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    Side saddle is beautiful, the picture of the colourds is lovely, infact my friend was riding in there and was placed in there and as it happens it is my back you captured outside the ring

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    Quote Originally Posted by wibble View Post
    there were people in the workers with tweed on you can hire saddles first if you want a go or have a lesson on someone elses horse to try it I think you would both look great doing ladies hunters
    is it bad that i am now searching internet wildly for a tweed habit i love tweed
    alas i can't hire a saddle for HRH due to her back confo - its all or nothing = a 5k M2M side saddle from her saddler or a new horse with a flater back

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    Lovely photos.

    Just out of interest, which two horses seemed overweight to you in the first class?


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