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Thread: HELP !!! i lost my trot :(

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    Default HELP !!! i lost my trot :(

    Ive lost my nerve big time ....... in trot

    ive had my boy for nearly a year , just started riding him again after a few issues (mine), had a fall on Rs horse out on a hack, and twisted my pelvis , its now sorted but have a muscle injury from the fall which "prevents" me dismounting the right way.
    managed to find a way round this for the minute ...involves 3 people and a very large mounting block

    ive started hacking out and riding in the school but only at a walk , the mere thought of trotting causes me to lean forward and tense up , my boy is very very bouncy (feels like im sitting on a kango drill)

    ive never fallen off in trot or canter so i cant understand why i have so totally lost my nerve with them.

    i even had my friend leading me around on leadrope today in an attempt to trot...didnt work , was bouncing everywhere and tensed up.

    just dont know what to do

    my boy needs a confident rider as he can be anxious and im letting him down

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    Could you perhaps have some lessons on a steady RS horse and perhaps even a few lunge lessons - then you can concentrate on yourself and not worry about what the horse is doing?

    I went through a canter confidence a while back and there was no particular reason for it but I took my time to slowly build my confidence again. It's worked as I've spent most of this weekend's hacks either cantering or galloping.

    Good luck! x

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    It is so easy to loose your confidence. It only takes the tiniest thing to make you feel like a wreck. I've had issues with jumping ever since I did my BHS exams 8-9 years ago. At one point I was doing pole work, the instructor put up a tiny cross pole and I ended up in tears (full on snot down your face tears lol).

    But you get to a point when something changes. All of a sudden you think maybe I'll do jump (or trot) today. You'll probably chicken out the first time. But then another day you'll be bored sat at work and think, maybe I'll trot tonight. One day you'll try it (I did it on my own so nobody could laugh at me or force me) and you'll realise that it was scary but you could control your fear. Once you've done it the first time, every time you do it is a rush. You know how fraught (sp?) it used to make you feel but now you know you can do it. Then you start to forget that you were ever scared. I have my limits jumping, I was so, so proud of myself for jumping 2 ft the other day. It is nothing to some people but to me it was a big deal.

    If I was you I would carry on walking for now. There is loads of stuff you can do in walk, quiet hacks round the lanes, schooling using serpentines and turns, lateral work. Make sure you have got people around you that you trust, let yourself be pushed sometimes in to doing something you're not 100% comfortable with, but make sure that you have enough voice to say no when somebody suggests something that you're not ready for yet.

    Just wait, the time will come when you are ready again.

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    I would stay in walk for a little while. Then one day you will all of a sudden feel brave and decide to trot. Just take it slow. It will come back.

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    You say you have just started - so it is early days - stay within your comfort zone. I agree about staying in walk.

    But is this is your own horse maybe the horse needs to trot, even if you dont? Could you get a sharer or someone else to ride him until you feel better about it - because if you stiffen with fear and the horse is stiff too that wont be a help.

    How long is it since your fall? Because time is a healer, if you simply leave things be and sort of forget them. My experience of having a crashing fall is that I was miserable hacking after six months, so didnt do it again. But after eighteen months I suddenly felt ready to hack out on that horse again and was happy doing it.

    There is tho the other approach - to take some positive tho expensive action - improve your stability in general have lunge lessons - possibly on a good RS horse - learn to sit to trot on a smooth horse and gradually get the rising and forward seat in trot too. Ten steps of each is a good exercise.

    One further question - those occasions when you try trot and are all over the place, What is your intended destination? So often riding school lessons (especially trot and canter) involve just starting the trot with no definite idea of how far one is aiming on going - the tread mill system of rider education. I and my share horse are now too old to be bothered with that.
    You dont need to trot a long way. A good exercise is 4 steps trot alternating with six steps walk - or whatever. You wont be trotting far enough to get shaken about. You will be riding a walk trot transition so frequently that it will lose (or should lose) its scariness. Horse will be obliged to pay attention to you. You can perfect active downward transitions - And you can gradually extend the length of the trot till you are trotting the short or long side of the school.

    By the way, I have trouble dismounting too - you may find it useful to look for old threads on how to use the stirrup to help. That only uses one helper to hold the horse.

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    thanks for all your replies

    ive booked a private lesson on tues at my old R.S on a "bouncy" horse i used to totally love riding.
    BUT *drumroll* i actually managed 3 small rising trots and a longer distance trot today in the field ( was being very brave) whilst out on a hack with another livery , she has a lot of experience and owns a schoolmaster and just kept reassuring me that it would be alright .... and it was
    i think ive got a way to go but im so much happier.

    Im so proud of my boy as he was listening to me most of the time and was being amazingly tolerant , love him so much

    ive been doing some exercises for my leg and it seems to be working ,so hopefully if i continue to do these and work on my trot then it may start getting alot easier .

    am going off to look for the dismounting threads

    thanks again everyone who replied


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