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Thread: Backing and breaking the untouched wild horse?

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    Depending on his disposition, most horses taken away from their natural habitat are lonely and afraid. Don't do anything until you have bonded with him and he sees you as his friend. That does NOT mean carrots or treats. When you feel comfortable with him in a paddock and has been groomed and knows you're not afraid, let him do the rest. Don't forget your body language use that to communicate with him. If he does anything aggressive just turn your back and wait, he probably will come to you.

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    I have (as the username suggests). Welsh mountain hill ponies. Bramblesmum on here has experience with this also - in particular she had a newfie from the forest.

    I never bothered with longreining (but that is a personal preference). I did a LOT of groundwork and general 'let's get to know each other' prior to backing. Once rider is onboard the whole 'breaking' procedure was not longer than 2 months. It is the preparation that is the most important IME.

    ETA only just realised how old this thread is.

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    Old thread Never mind!

    When Alfie came to me as a weanling, it was 5 weeks from arrival to his first show, and the first 3 weeks were hard work i'll tell you that! I love getting ponies off the forest, such an achievement
    Native pony addict!


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