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Thread: Schooling pics before and after!

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    No my saddle dont move, its just shes long in the back so looks short on her.

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    Wow you look fab!
    Is she forward going or quite behind the leg. My pony is slightly behind the leg and once I've started asking him to soften I had my hands a bit further forward rather than set back to encourage him to work into the bridle. It was at one stage where I was asking him to soften, he would soften and I'd move my hands back and he would be in a false outline again and backing off.

    Well done! I know how hard it is to bring on a youngster ( I am on my first who's 7 this year... & now have a 31/2 yr old to break) Must be a glutton for punishment

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    Ellie is looking great, you both look much more relaxed in the recent pics

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    Nice pics, she is a beauty! That mane

    In terms of CC, the thing that jumps out at me from those photos is that you appear to carry your hands quite low and "fix" them in position. In some of those pics you have no bend in your elbow, and the elbow-hand-rein-bit line is broken at the wrist. Sometimes you seem to be almost bracing yourself against her, and she responds by bracing herself against you. In a few of the pics you have a softer arm/hand/rein and she looks less tense as a result. I'd suggest trying to carry your hands higher and a bit further forwards. It's all very well using your hands to get her head where you want it, but if you were to give the reins away she should continue to carry it there by herself - you should be suggesting where she carries her head rather than trying to force it.

    Have just realised this thread is from September!

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    Yeah, thats what I was trying to say. My instructer tells me to keep my contact consistent but not set back as it will discourage him from moving into the bridle. Hold the outside rein and flex with the inside and have the inside rein slightly more forward and supple which should help with roundness.


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