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Thread: Early training books

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    Default Early training books

    I'm thinking about Xmas and what I'd like to add to my list are a few good books on early training and backing. I have from Birth to Backing, The Natural Horse, Groundwork Training, Training Your Young Horse (R Maxwell, my favourite) and most Kelly Marks books.

    Any Suggestions?

    And which books are on list if any?

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    Wasn't there a book with a title like From foal to 3 years ?
    Thnk you've got most of the good ones covered though

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    I have just bought "Training Your Young Horse" in preparation for my foaly arrival in October. It looks to have alot of good advice and training ideas in it. I like Richard Maxwell.

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    Michael Peace, Training your young horse. I also love Robert Maxwell's books. There's a website called Its all about the horse that has helped me alot too.


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