i technically ride with no hands LOL one doesntwork, the other is very weak. only found the one horse who is sensitive enough to understand and listen to me and not take advantage, and whilst im limited to dressage now, i have taught him to jump small jumps with essentually no hands. ive got specialist equipment, there is a thing called a bar rein that is designed for one handed riders. its a rein made to measure (horses length/ur length) and has a pvc pipe that is little more than hand width at the end so u can swivvel for steering, u can pretty much do everythign a 2 handed rider can. neck reins pretty important tho. i dont use a bar rein as its too much strain on my weak hand i use loops that hold me so at least feel like im doing something LOL! u could talk to any local disability places, or para equestrian coordinators, and find out more, RDA will have samples of what their riders use so u can have a look. if u scroll down this link, theres an example of bar reins on here, as well as many other adoptive tack good luck http://www.freewebs.com/andreaevansp...daptedtack.htm