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    Quote Originally Posted by skippy View Post
    Otoh, I can vouch for the fact that bought in foalies are every bit as special
    Hmmmm *wonders if she can breed an Arnie*.............

    thanks for that SM!!!

    Nikki xxx

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    I didn't breed Alfie, but i met him as a 3month old. The bond i have with him couldn't be greater. Ok, i didn't bring him in to this world, choose his parents for him etc, but he dotes on me. I knew instantly when i met him that he was special, and would always be special.

    He's well bred, which is what attracted me in the first place, but i doubt i'd have bought him if i felt nothing for him. So don't think that you'll have alesser bond from a foal you didn't breed - it could be just as special!

    Admittedly there is an extra sense of achievment feeling from breeding, but still, like i said, everychance you'll bond with a weanling too!

    If you decide that route, research & visit lots of studs. You get to meet the foalies at a young age and it's very much a learning curve & great fun!
    Native pony addict!


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