hello i have a irish x cobby type(breeding unknown)
ive had him for 5 months and he was lightly backed (had a saddle on and thats it, so not really backing)
when i bought him but that was all no schooling what so ever,
he is almost 4 and i have been lungeing,riding and ive hacked him out a few times and hes been very good, still a it spooky as expected. my problem now is he needs a bit of schooling, i dont think i am confident enough to carry on with it as ive been out of riding for 10 years and only been riding again for 12 months so im a little rusty.
im doing western with him as eventually id like to do barrel racing with him and just general hacking.
can anyone advise me weather i am better of getting him schooled by an english instructor and moving on to learn western at a later date, or start as i mean to go on.
any advice is appreciated