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    I have always wanted to have a horse and cart. I broke one of my horses into harness a few years ago and it was loads of fun but then I found out the cart was too small and I really shouldn't use it. Although he never once objected I took the advise I was given and sold it on.

    Now I found this online. Nice and cheap but that makes me think it's probably crappy. But all I want to do is walk and trot around a flat paddock and perhaps if things go well along some quiet roads. I don't expect great quality but I do want something that will never injure my horse:

    What do you think of this Jinker and what size horse would it suit? They say up to 14.2hh but I know from past experience that's not to be trusted. Here are the dimensions:

    61cm diameter wheels, 122cm seat width, 120cms high (ground to backrest), 205cm shaft length and suits ponies up to 14.2HH.

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    Looks like the Chinese ones, there are mixed feelings about them. Some folk who I thought would hate them actually like them, but I have heard all the horror stories, basically the welding is a bit pidgeon poo, shall we say, or so I have been told.

    Thing is, a mechanical failure at a sedate trot in the park can turn into a madcap bot at 90mph and turn to a buckle of dirt. If it suits "up to 14.2hh" I'd take them with a pinch of salt.


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