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    I have a normandy cob filly who is three years old today. I'm currently working on her groundwork and manners and will start her lunging soon. Depending on how she takes to lunging, followed by long reining, I'm hoping she will progress to be ride and drive. She's got lots of years ahead of her and by the time she's in her teens I might be getting a bit old for riding. She's a big girl, 16.2hh and still growing, both outwards and possibly a bit more upwards. My vet thinks she may make 17hh.

    Apart from the difficulty in finding a vehicle for such a big horse, I need to know how to check its measurements to see if it will suit.'s the questions.

    Shafts: How much width clearance each side of the horse should I allow? How much length/ clearance behind the hocks? Any other tips, i.e. where the fittings should be on the shafts, etc?

    Seat height: I'm reasonably tall but the seat still needs to be high enough. What sort of seat height would you recommend?

    Big wheels v Small wheels?

    i'm sure there are more questions to come and I'd be grateful for ANY advice, as I'm a beginner driver but a reasonably experienced rider.

    Swingletree: How do I judge what the appropriate height from the ground would be for my horse?

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