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Thread: Breeding, how do you know what will be passed on?

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    Hmm, so I suppose some horses just have stronger genes that take over... I suppose its a case of looking at the progeny of each, if they have any, and seeing what seems to be consistently passed on. Never thought of that, bit of a duh moment!
    You can do your best, but there's no predicting which genes will be shown! The rest of the stallion's progeny (the one I mention two posts up) are all extremely similar with strong stamp of him, even out of warmblood and mares heavier than the dam of abovementioned filly. The easiest way to get a nice foal similar to what you want is breed two parents who are virtually exactly what you want. >>>> stalk me if you want, it's not terribly interesting though!

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    We already knew with Danica what she did and didn't pass on as she was already a proven broodmare. She always passes on her temperament and she has lots of bone so we can use lighter stallions on her and she will still produce a foal with good bone. Her foals do seem to take the overall stamp of the stallion though so we are always careful with stallions.

    Dandea was a bit different because Freyja was her first foal - we were able to look at some offspring of the stallion and he wasn't the sort of stallion who produced little mini versions of himself so we were hoping for a good mix which we got with Freyja but we were very very careful to chose a stallion who didn't have anything about him that we wouldn't want to be passed on.

    I think a good guideline is, if possible, look at the offspring and then with the parents be careful that neither have any traits/faults that you wouldn't want the foal to have - if there is any question about that then I wouldn't breed from them. I'd also always be careful about height differences between parents - I've seen the results of matings such as that that have gone wrong and the result just hasn't been in proportion.


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