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Thread: Problem Mounting - advice please

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    Due to muscle wastage in my left leg, mounting is a problem for me too. I either mount from the right side or use a heavy table on the yard to basically stand over the horses back and slide my good leg over the saddle and sit down. Thankfully, the horses are used to standing still and probably roll their eyes at some of the un-BHS things we do.
    Re-mounting on a hack can be fun if there's nothing to stand on. Once accosted a walker and asked him to hold the opposite stirrup and brace himself while I pulled myself up. Poor man had never been so close to a horse before.

    I'm envious of the youngsters on my yard who can leap onto their 17hh'ers from the ground in a nano second.
    Spring and summer are riding a piebald mare. (Russian Proverb)

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    as the decepit owner of a giant horse - my best options are to get higer than the horse & then basically drop myself on - not elegant & causes much hilarity amongst the bendy teens on my yard - but hey ho
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