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    Hi all,

    I was just wondering if any of your youngsters used to jump trotting poles no matter what width they were? I have a trotter who seems to just want to jump each pole or jump them all together, she doesn't slow up then after she's 'jumped' them she proceeds to career around the school. When asking her to trot on a circle, she falls in and rushes around corners, almost pushing to a gallopy-canter. When I ask her to jump a small jump, she pulls her way into it, flies over it then rushes around to do it again..

    Is this just enthusiasm? Any tips on slowing her down and helping her balance would be much appreciated!

    -Sidenote: I hate using gadgets for training, i prefer the natural way if possible!

    Many thanks!xx

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    Hmm, how were they introduced? One pole at the time seems to be the easiest way to get them to understand the concept, then I go to four poles around a circle at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock. If she can jump them all at once laid out like that, I will be very impressed! Then you just work up to actual grids etc, taking a step back to the last point she was doing them properly if she starts jumping them again. Sounds like she really lacks balance, so keep circles very very big. With horses who respond like that on the lunge I tend to be walking a 15-20 metre circle myself, so the horse's circle is absolutely massive and not nearly as hard for the horse to balance. Putting in straight lines by walking a straight line yourself and using the whole arena helps too, keeps them thinking and not knowing what comes next, so listening better instead of racing around. Going slowly really highlights balance issues and makes the horse work much harder with it's muscles, instead of towing around on the forehand going fast. Teaching longreining can really help because when longreining the horse can't just whirl around in circles, as unbalanced horses like to do when on the lunge. >>>> stalk me if you want, it's not terribly interesting though!

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    Have you tried walking her over a single pole first. Then asking for trot a few strides before and gradually increasing the distance before the pole that you trot at it?

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    my mare was an ex trotter and she used to do this, start with a couple spaced out quite far so theirs a stride or three in between. but before starting this get the trot right first. the best way I found to get an ex trotter trotting "properly" is to rise on the in correct diagonal when they pacing or even in a proper trot, this helps to balance them for some reason and although I know it sounds cruel keep doing it not just once or twice round the arena but a good 6 or seven times . Concentrate on this for a couple of weeks, you will find your horse starts to collect and starts to balance, reduce the amout of times (without stopping) around the arena till its balanced they carry on with your normal schooling, that's the point I would intro poles. as I said start with one or two spread out along the centre line and build up from there. I found it helpful to dismount and run beside the horse the first few times till they got they hang of it.

    A further point when asking for trot. really exaggerate it like your physically lifting them with your legs into a trot.

    I love ex trotters and would have another in a minute, their characterful and ****** hard work but the rewards, loyalty and commitment you get from them is unmatched by anything i've encountered before or since. don't know where your based but if you are local to me I'm more than happy to help.

    My mare was with me for over 14 years, she was not everyones cup of tea and I remember being told she would never "trot" never mind do any form of dressage work. We got her to prelim out and about and elementary at home ( purely my confidence, I can;t remember a test to save myself in competition), Not only that, she was a fantastic jumpin horse, never ever knocked a pole down in 14 years and at only 15hh jumped 6foot 3inches with me and she would have gone higher if my nerve held.

    ETA lunging her will be ok but longreining etc will probably not work neither will most gadgets as it will remind them of their trotting days and they'll stick their chin out and go..................... been there and done that with more than 1 ex trotter,


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