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Thread: Harley jumping after a confidence knock - pics!

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    Default Harley jumping after a confidence knock - pics!

    Hiya! It's been nearly a month since I visited. Oops. I've got a couple of little updates, mostly centred around jumping! (If you didn't guess)

    A week or so ago I was jumping Harley in the school. It was a very successful session, with Harley cantering on his more difficult rein for the first time, jumping from canter first time and generally being a lovely boy! However... completely my fault, but Harley knocked over a jump. That is to say... one of the wings ended up 2m away from where it started and the poles went flying. Harley was quite shaken, bless him (though perfectly fine).

    Yesterday I thought I'd give jumping a go again as I had my dad there to lend a hand. We did the same heights, with the same set-up so as not to blow Harley's brains. After a few refusals... his confidence rose and he flew! The best bit is, he really seemed to enjoy it.
    He's also learned to pick his feet up.

    Warming up, Harley looking scrummy!

    Cantering on the stiff rein!

    Boing 1.

    Boing 2.

    Boing 3.

    Boing 4.

    Then... letting him go.


    Harley wanted to play, but Fly didn't.

    So... yeah. That's the fun we've been having lately! Onwards and upwards with the funky dipstick!


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    He certainly seems to have recovered
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    Looks like a cheeky little chap! Stunning tho!


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