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    I've had a few requests for the share agreement I posted, so I thought I'd pop it up as a sticky so that it was findable

    A few notes
    If you decide to use this as a basis for your share agreement:
    Part 6 just lists any known issues that the sharer needs to know (i.e. Salsa weaves and has a history of bolting, although he hasn't done for a long time, I don't want to be held liable if he did). It can be anything you think is necessary, such as suffering from sweet itch or a specific medication/supplement that needs to be given regularly, through to old injuries that the sharer needs to take into consideration when taking part in riding activities, or a limb that has been excluded from insurance claims, etc. If there's absolutely nothing that needs to be included, just remove this section.

    Part 11 covers activities excluded from my insurance policy, so the sharer would need to know not to do them, otherwise my insurance is automatically invalid. Make sure you check your own policy carefully for excluded activities, as if the worst happens and your sharer has an accident while taking part in one of these activities, there will almost certainly be some backlash on your policy. I'm not sure what the circumstances would be if the sharer has their own rider insurance, but I would think there would still be some fairly serious implications.

    Part 12 was all the equipment the sharer was allowed to use, and I made sure I documented photographs of the condition of everything, just in the event that the sharer damaged, lost (or heaven forbid, stole) anything. You can, if you don't wish to have to list all of your equipment and the value of it, just write "all equipment required for day to day care and riding."

    I also attached a diagram photocopied from his passport, and several identity photographs (I believe the National Equine Database has some tips on taking good photos for ID reasons).

    Do think carefully about what you want the process to be in the event that your horse needs an emergency vet (or, worst case scenario, to be PTS). I stated that the sharer is responsible for ensuring prompt veterinary attention if required (as I would rather know that my horse was being seen to rather than the sharer potentially wasting valuable time getting hold of me, especially around here where mobile phone signals can be patchy), but that I must be notified. However, if you're concerned that your sharer might run up a massive vet bill for an injury that could actually be dealt with at home, you might want to add something that the sharer is to contact you first and foremost, then if they cannot, they are to contact someone who is authorised to call the vet on your behalf if they deem it necessary (your YO, RI, partner or a horsey friend). I don't think it actually made it into this draft, although it should have, but I'm certain my sharer was under instruction that if something very serious happened, I was to be the one who gave consent to PTS. In the event that I was unreachable, then I had a list of emergency contacts, including my OH and my parents who had my permission to make that decision on my behalf. In an ideal world, I would always rather it be my responsibility to decide, but I would never want my horse to suffer longer than necessary if I can't be reached.

    Hope some of you find this helpful - feel free to amend it and adjust it as much as you need to for your own circumstances.

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    Really thorough - had an idea of one already but yours have given me more points to add - thanks Sez


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