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Thread: How did your youngster react when you first sat on it properly ?

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    My thread is over 2 years old now, and she is turning into a sweet little riding horse.

    She has been given many short 'holidays' and Physio, so we have quite a lot still to do.
    But without the help of a good RI, we wouldn't have overcome those blips that you come across throughout the riding away process.

    Agree, the backing is the easiest part!, but i'm glad I prepared her fully for it.

    She is a very, very honest and sweet mare. She will try a little too hard to please sometimes, so the calm and quiet approach suits her.

    But, being a part bred Native, she definitely has that pony brain !!
    She thrives off being entertained, and will thoroughly investigate anything and everything that comes her way! Whether that's inspecting a grooming brush before it touches her, or checking that the hoof oil isn't going to poison her! She will enthusiastically dissect something that's blown onto the yard, rubbish etc. She will pull hats of your head and then look all innocent as if to say "it wasn't me". When doing some maintenance on the yard, she is always the first to come and lend a 'helping hand' lol!

    She's a character, so having a sense of humour is priority but she's a total pleasure to train

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    my experiences have been the same. I have backed 7 now without issue Nothing quite beats the feeling of that first sit!


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