I have had some really bad falls (obviously not very balanced) so would like to still walk when I turn 50 this year !!!
My saddle is a Fryso legacy black dressage saddle 17.5 seat and no. 4 tree size. will sell with two girths 1 show 1 working, nun finer anti slip pad (works great very very thin ), Fryso leathers and irons. very well taken care of replaced first girth strap but not second (saddle fitter said they didn't need to be changed so she had already removed one at that point so I told her to continue and do both sides first strap only. Of all the saddles I've owned and still own it is the most comfortable. Did not know I joined a chat for uk and ca, I live in ga usa. For that reason I will sell the whole package for $1000.00 you pay shipping and insurance. I have pics ready just let me know. Thank you for reading my ad