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Thread: can not believe the difference!!!

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    little village in herefordshire.

    Default can not believe the difference!!!

    Me and charlie horse have been working on our jumping lately now the ground has soften up a little! but looking at past pictures i cant believe the difference in his jumping, and my position!!

    this first picture was taken in 2009 doing a clear round.

    not long after this he stopped jumping due to arthritic changes in his hocks. after having the injections and added supplements and slow build up of work. we got jumping again last spring/summer and got this

    anyway lets fast forward to present day! lets just say you wouldnt know he had anything wrong back in 2009!!

    and he just kept going! i couldnt keep up with him!! but we finished on a massive high doing this!!!

    as you can see from the pics! he really is using his body better and jumping lovely and as for me! my lower legs are behaving!! our plan is to try xc as he loves rustic fences better than showjumps, we still dont over do the jumping especially on hard ground just incase.

    i was one proud mum after this on saturday

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    Well done definatley a good change there

    Hes loking fab. Kia retired from jumping now due to arthritis although his wee face still lights up when he sees one he just cant be doing them

    Listen, smile, agree and then do whatever the hell you were going to do anyway.


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