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    Does anyone know how I can get involved in doing x-country? I don't have access to my own horse as I don't have one. Do any riding schools in Hampshire do it ie Reading way? if so how much and what kind of things do they get you to do if you are a beginner?

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    Bilbo, Wellington does but its not cheap! I think Cullinghood do as well, possibly Rycroft? Park Farm? Will have a think where else may do it. If you just want to do xc schooling (ie without an instructor) you can hire a horse for the day (can give you a number for this, but not that cheap!)

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    I want to start cross-country lessons with an instructor as I've never done it before so wouldn't feel that brave doing it by myself, encase anything went wrong. I would be willing to go anywhere escept Wellington as i've heard they are quite snotty and put you on any horse. To start with I want somewhere who put me on a nice quite horse and not one that gets too excited.

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    Hall Place does for sure as well as the ones Sunshine has mentioned. Not my favorite place though so this isn't a recommendation.

    Not sure about Cloud Stables wokingham way?

    I'd imagine they'd all make you do a few lessons first though.

    If you can sit a buck, a few run outs and have nerves of steal and the tuition is fine to consist of sit back and kick you can borrow my horrible horse! Sunshine can vouch for his ability to change direction in a heartbeat and my gutlessness!

    And I am going to hijack a little bit, does anyone know someone in the same area who will come to someone who does have a horse to teach the basics of XC riding? I really don't have a clue and we just sort of muddle through.

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    Kat - Ross Millar in West Mortimor!! Hes amazing!

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    I wish I had my own horse then it be much easier to do what I want and ride when I want. I so fancy x-country but haven't got around to giving it a go.


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