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    I had a lady at a horse expo tell me about this one for my 4h kids to do:

    Jousting for candy!

    -Long pole (javalin type)
    -Shower curtain rings
    -flemsy cheap pipe cleaners
    -over head secure beam

    1.Take the rope and securely tie it to the 2x4

    2.Tie the other end of the rope to an over head beam
    (Be sure to make this well above riders head maybe 2 or 3 feet)

    3.Take candy and the string and tie them to the shower curtain ring

    4.Take the pipe cleaners and wrap them onto the shower ring and around the 2x4 (use several ones so it hangs right above horses head)

    5. Give pole to child and have them walk towards the hanging candy and have them aim the pole into the ring, when they capture the hoop the pipe cleaners break free and they get the candy!

    (Be sure to test this out several times before, certain things such as beam and 2x4 must be VERY secure! And others such as pipe cleaners must be lose and able to break free)

    BE SAFE, but have funnn!

    My 4H kids enjoyed this!

    You can also tie rope on beam to a pulley so you can raise it to put it away when not being used, and lower and raise it for different higth horses and riders

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    Also, you can play musical horses
    (Only with trusting horses obviously)
    You will need extra people to hold horses

    Good for teaching kids to mount properly and speedy if needed

    (We played for the most appropriate mount instead of the fastest)

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    Loads of good suggestions here already! Grandmother's footsteps is another good one, either the RI or one of the riders is Granny. The minimal moves game is better for making children quieter softer riders - every time the RI sees you move your body you gain a point, child with the least points is the winner. They soon learn to be softer with their pony rather than great big 'pony club' kicks and yanking reins.

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    Have you looked at some Prince Phillip Cup PC Games or MGA games?

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    Here is some of the things that I enjoy doing in lessons, and I asume your riders are capable of doing these:

    Lots of trotting without stirrups and/or hands, it hurts, but its still fun, I would try these for a while at the start of the lesson, to deepen their seats, and improve their balance.That isn't really a game though.

    Canter and sitting trot with one hand, or even better, have an egg and spoon competition to see who can concentrate on their riding whilst at canter/trot as well as balancing an egg on a spoon (We use plastic eggs)

    Balancing a bean bag on your helmet, easy at walk, more challanging at trot and harder at canter, just make sure that none of the horses are spooky, If the bean bag falls it could scare a horse.

    Mini dressage test, spend some time reading the course, drawing it out on a drawn a arena, try it on foot, try it whilst mounted, then go for it.

    Mini showjumping course, if they can jump.

    Try canter poles, rising trotting/canter poles.

    Sack race? Let them lead their horse around whilst in the sack, make them bounce around some weaving poles, making sure the horse weaves to, and if you want a challange take the saddle off the horse and get the to jump up on the horse with the sack still on (two legs on one side of the horse) make them trot/walk around to the finish line.

    Sorry if they arent good :')

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlonyPony View Post
    Does anyone have any good Paris Airport Private Transfer ideas for some games and exercises for novice children riders? Most of the kids I have started teaching can trot and canter, to a fashion, but need some ideas of games and ideas to keep them interested. I know quite alot of saddle stretches and thread the needle, scissors, round the world......

    Any ideas welcome!

    Weaving races are always fun, working on the steering and bending


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