It wasn't boding to be a very good day. I slept for 14 hours saturday afternoon to sunday morning, couldn't stay awake and have felt just odd, not ill per say, but not right. Had I not been taking my sister as well I'd not have bothered I felt that ropey.

However, I am very glad I went!

Now my Small Horse can be a bit of a git jumping. I always have to do the CR or tiny class first to get him used to the venue and the look of the course for him to start jumping nicely as the first round is usually a write off. Well, not today. 2'3 CR, clear, for the 1st time ever!!! Was so pleased with the boy for looking after me when I wasn't at my best.

Did the 2'3 class as well, and somehow managed to kick out the X pole in front of the straight on the 1st fence, but never mind. Was going to do that 2'6 today as well, but due to feeling rough as I packed it in on a good note whilst I could.

Vid of the class - lots to work on, but slowly making progess!