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Thread: Total novice and where to start in Cammbridgeshire

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    Default Total novice and where to start in Cammbridgeshire

    I am interested in starting out, right from the beginning. I have read about training rides and pleasure rides and also know of a friend who went on one and was joined by an experienced endurance rider. Any pointers would be great.

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    I've done a few pleasure / endurance rides with friends, we usually do the 32km ones, you can go at your own pace on the pleasure rides and then if you feel like riding competitively when you have done a few rides you will have a better idea of what speeds etc you need to go. I would get in touch with your local Endurance GB group or Sport Endurance for some advice, they will know of somebody who would be happy to ride with you until you are used to it, they both have websites full of info and you can find rides in your region


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