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    I'm looking for a harness to teach my boy to drive. I have had a couple of goes pulling a tyre from the surcingle. Obviously totally in appropriate but I wanted to see if he would be calm with something trailing behind. Indications see very positive. After 5 minutes leading him I was then able to pull with long reins. So I need to find a harness, but there are so many to choose from.

    So what would you recommend. I will eventually hope to drive in cart, but initially I want to pull tyres and chain harrows. So what do you recommend. I want a harness that wont pull apart. So not cheapy cheap, but something that I can uses for harrowing/pulling tyres and small logs.

    Should add hes 14hh.

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    Check dragon driving plenty of cheap sets on there, or ebay

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    I have an brown leather set, not the best quality but basically sound if you want to PM me. I only use the Tedex set these days. Ought to fit 14hh Chunky type. It fitted a 14.2hh Fell X


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