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Thread: Guess whose half brother this pony is...

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    Default Guess whose half brother this pony is...

    He has the same daddy as Phantom!
    And same prefix, which is how I found him.

    The face looks familar don't you think? They've even got the white face straight through the same eye, just different coat colours.

    Pointless thread, but had to share, so cute

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    Wow their markings are so similar! Very cool

    One of Hoopy's half brothers looks a lot like her (obv people think all exmoors look the same but they don't ), very similar build and shape

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    Their dad had a big white face too I just found his very first owner on facebook, she bought him as a foal at foot from the pony sales and kept his dam. I used to write to her when I was about 12 and she still uses his prefix for the ponies she breeds, so hopefully she'll reply to me and I can send her some up-to-date Phantom photos She said he was a very flighty foal, not much has changed then, 18 years later

    Aah I bet Hoopy half brother is almost as gorgeous as her

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    Aw they're lovely very similar!

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    Got sent this one as well...I found the lady who gave him his prefix as a foal on fb, she's going to come visit him when I move him up here, she hasn't seen him in nearly 18 years! This is his half brother Casper, who is 1 yr older than him...and their names are purely coincidental! She didn't realise Phantom had the same dad as this one, who she bred a year before she bought Phantom as a foal at foot...

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    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I used to ride with this lady (I knew Casper as a 3 year old!) and would love to get hold of her to find out where my old pony went. I don't suppose you are still in contact (her initials should be L.C if we are talking about the same person!). Would love to have any information you've got about her, not seen her since the year 2000.

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    That's okay, she's on my facebook, i'll PM you


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