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Thread: Seasons during pregnancy, and could she be??

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    Default Seasons during pregnancy, and could she be??

    Is it heard of for a mare to still have seasons during pregnancy?

    The reason I ask is my newfie mare that was running on the forest last year has rapidly gained weight in the last 4 weeks. She has gone from this

    to this


    The thought that she could be in foal did cross my mind when i bought her, then she came in season in February and I put the idea out of my head and decides not to bother getting the vet to check her.
    Since then she has been in season twice more, but not for the last few months. Her attitude has changed a lot in the last couple of weeks too. she has become a bit aggressive toward me. Nothing major, just threats that she stops as soon as she's growled at for it. She has also been walking a bit funny this week. Not lame or anything awful, just very lazily around the back end. hard to describe.
    The icing on the cake is today i checked her udder,
    and they have changed shape but don't appear to be very swollen, they also have a offwhite crusty like substance on the end of each teat. I'm not sure if there was a milk vein. I wasn't really paying that much attention. It was only after chatting with a friend earlier about her and she suggested could she be pregnant? that these things made sense. It may also explain why since being broken in she has been very sensitive to the leg.

    Oh god. please tell me i am going mad and imagining things! Have i bought more than i bargained for?

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    Yes, its quite common for mares to show signs of being in season when in foal. (although its not a season)

    They tend to show stallion traits aswell , so potentially where the change in attitude has come from?- its deffo not uncommon.

    If shes in foal, to the stage shes got waxed teats, she'd have started to hollow out on her quaters and drop?

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    Thanks for your reply FF.
    Its funny you should mention the stallion traits, as that is exactly how i described her to my YO the other day. He said that no one else hadhad any issues with dealing with her, she's in a mixed herd so thought i had better mention it encased any other liveris had a problem with her. But it would appear its only toward me. She does that really deep wicker, almost a growl, when, when she's near me, and has reared at me a couple of times as though trying to mount me!
    My Arab sometimes behaves this way towards me when I'm in "season" he wasn't cut until he was 8 so still thinks of himself as an entire. My mares behaviour. is very similar.
    As for the hollowing of the back end. She has always had what i call a flat bottom, but it does look like it has dropped a bit. Also could this be the cause of her odd walk?


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