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    Does anyone have any experience with these horses? We're all starting to think Daisy might have a bit of it in her, her trot is wickedly amazing, we've never seen anything like it

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    Standardbred is a breed, of which there are two types - trotters and pacers. Standardbreds are generally born with a preference/ability for trotting or for pacing according to their genetics, although trotters can be trained to pace (using hobbles) and pacers can be trained to trot.

    Connor is a pacer and was raced in harness as a youngster. He was schooled to trot before I got him. He trots when asked, and generally only paces when spooked, excited, stressed, unbalanced or tired. Oh, he also loves to pace in dressage tests and showjumping rounds.

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    Agree with the above comment that the breed is Standardbred which is then either a pacer or trotter dependant on training.

    My old boy is a NZ Standardbred. I've had him 10yrs now and he raced in harness (pacer) prior to me rescuing him. He was in a very poor state mentally and physically when I got him but rehab with horses is what I specialise in. Once through rehab we have competed successfully in SJ locally but he pretty much turned a hoof to most things - XC, hunting, a bit of showing and even some dressage. My boy is retired now but happy and healthy living out with my section D.

    Standardbreds are highly under-rated imo and make absolutely cracking horses. Very kind, intelligent, powerful, highly trainable and adaptable. They really do make fantastic riding horses.

    "Horses - Be to their virtues ever kind and to their faults a little blind"

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    I know the breed is Standardbred but I was more interested in the trotter side

    She does look quite standardbred-ish, not full, reckon she's crossed with Cob or something

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    I have three Standardbreds have had several over the years and I now work for the Standardbred breed society (STAGBI). What is it you wanted to find out/know?


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