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    We moved Daisy to a new yard at the weekend, away from the possessive horses and to somewhere with a stable and a school.

    The day before, she managed to loose her head collar, cue much fun trying to catch the little ****** to put it back on (2 hours and 5 people), the next day it took us another hour to catch her, once caught she was fine, led her through a field and over a road to the trailer- no problems, loaded herself, traveled silently, got off the trailer and was like 'wooh where are we then?' happily strode out as I led her to the new stable and went straight in. She's been in since then (Saturday) as we want her to be more comfortable with us before turning her out in the big field I can now catch her in the stable (she still wears a head collar though) and lets me put another head collar on top, I lunged her yesterday, then today we bitted her, booted her up and put a saddle on, attempted to lunge her but she was adamant she couldn't walk with a saddle on so we free schooled (and another half an hour trying to catch her afterwards ) We've brushed her all over, picked her feet out and put rugs on her, she is coming on very quickly
    Now the plan is to just work on in-hand walking so we can take her to the next fun show at work in 3 weeks time

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    I must have missed something, who's daisy?!

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    The pony I own 1/3 of


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