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Thread: 2 year olds...

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    Hes definitely an everything in his stride type.

    One thing I would be doing with him is showing, if 1) There were any shows running, and 2) If he didnt look like a bag of spanners

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    Ah yes that's the other one, little shows, great experience for babies.

    Also if it's just going to be the 2 mares together on their own watch out for pair bonding.

    Time apart everyday is invaluable because there is nothing worse than 2 horses that pair bond, and mares are particularly prone to this for some reason.

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    thanks that was one thin gi utterly forgot about

    if i go to a show - they both have to go as i cant leave one as theres nothing out with them except each other (except about 6 hours a day each side so can mabey work around that)!

    but if one goes the show the other (b) may cope better and may eventually be able to do some inhand without freaking out - who knows!?

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    Annie is 2 - this is what I have done with her:

    Halter broken and leading
    General handling/being touched all over
    Regular farrier attention
    Tying up
    Bitting and being led off the bit
    Boots/saddle cloth/circingle/rugs
    She's also loaded into the horsebox a couple of times, but this needs more practice!

    I also plan to tick off the below this year:

    In hand hacks (this is why I bitted her)
    Trotting in hand/standing up for shows
    May put a saddle and girth on her for the hell of it - certainly no weight in the saddle, more as a de-spooking exercise.

    Next year I will teach her to lunge and long line, then right at the end of the summer I'll sit on her back and be lead. The following summer, when she is 4, she'll actually start to be ridden


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