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Thread: Ideas for an overally intelligent and bored yearling?

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    Default Ideas for an overally intelligent and bored yearling?

    Do you think it's because he's entire? Do you intend upon keeping him entire? It's hard with youngsters as my first one was very much like yours and a complete nightmare. My second one was happy to be in a field all day everyday and did some showing until he was four.

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    It's a shame you haven't another ridden horse, as I think I'd ride and lead a bored youngster, just fun gentle hacks out a few times a week. Foals in the wild run with the herd from birth, covering up to 20 miles a day. I guess you could take him for walks like a dog - there was one yearling I knew once whose owner took him jogging with her, they went past my house every morning lol!

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    Find a colt/gelding of a similar age for him to play with or someone who has a stallion needing company.


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