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Thread: Mixed Iping report!

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    Default Mixed Iping report!

    Took Flynn off to Iping today for our second BE of the season! Was good and bad ha.

    Was secretly hoping for a good dressage as he's been schooling so nicely recently and was super at GBEC last week.. So of course it had to go wrong He was warming up beautifully, had checked with the steward and knew there were two more to go before me. And then, without being told, the judges go on a 10-15 minute break just before the horse in front of me goes in... Now I know they volunteer their time and need breaks, but it would be nice if they were scheduled, as we pay so so much to compete, and it meant that my warm up schedule went to pot. I can't just let Flynn walk around as he always loses concentration easily, and obviously I didn't want to keep working him hard as it was a hot day and I had everything else to do! I honestly don't mind the judges have breaks, I just would have liked to have been told beforehand instead of being told I would be in in 12 minutes which turns out to be 20-25!! SO. it all went a bit backwards trying to keep Flynn interested in walking with constant leg yielding and shoulder-in etc. This, combined with the fact that we suddenly decided the white planks attack horses meant that our entrance into the arena was a lovely squeal and leap in the air and therefore Flynn decided dressage was far too boring for him and when would the showjumping start! This also combined with the first time he's ever struck off on the wrong leg in canter, which cued rider panic. So we were given a very reasonable 40 Worst mark we've ever got! Can't wait for the dressage sheet to arrive

    And then the bad day didn't really stop there.. Changed for showjumping, nice warm up, trotted into a lovely tiny cross pole with both rider and horse in lala land, horse goes 'no' rider goes 'go' so off I went over his shoulder!! Absolutely mortified to fall off over the smallest cross pole at BE in front of all the trade stands and spectators and lovely horses and people I know Even Flynn was so embarrassed he left me to it and wandered over to my mum standing at the side SO, haha, told myself to get myself into gear and stop being so ridiculous! Got back on and decided to actually ride for once, and he was popping the jumps nicely. No one in the arena so went in, and then we managed to complete a lovely calm round, and more to the point, our first ever BE clear round So obviously I need to fall off in every warm up to manage to do well in the actual competition!!

    (nice muddy patch on my breeches)

    sharing the water with the dog!

    So my parents were slightly confused and my major mood swing from everything going wrong to this being a wonderful day ha, so back to the trailer and changed for XC! Didn't warm him up too much as I didn't want to tire him out, so just popped a couple of jumps and they called me over. Iping's not a great course for us, as we much prefer the big, bold gallopy ones, and this is a lot more fiddly with lots of steep downhills (the one thing Flynn hates), but he was fantastic! He was just really bold and attacking every fence, popping over all the trickier combinations easily. There was a ditch then a 90 degree turn to a skinny rolltop which rode beautifully for 8 and 9, then 11-12 you completely turn back on yourself so they hardly see 12 before they jump it, but he didn't mind. Then 13 was up a steep hill, then step and bounce over a pheasant feeder type thing, which again he did really nicely. Trakener we had a bizarre stop at last time didn't phase him, and then fairly steep downhill (and it was deep) to a double of skinnies which again was really nice to ride!

    Ended up with a lot of time faults (*cough22cough*), BUT to be fair most people had a few, and because I knew I hadn't done a good dressage, I didn't push him on the steep downhill bits (which there are a LOT of), because he genuinely really hates downhill, so let him choose his own pace so he had a fun round, so ended up trotting down the steepest bits. Don't know results yet, probably middleish but we will see!

    So had a really good day in the end, a good experience, and so chuffed for our first double clear! Really made me confident to try the PN at Borde Hill in August, as the jumping was easy for him, and the dressage for it isn't really any harder, just some smaller circles! So Flynn got his favourite treat from the ice cream van

    And the dogs were shattered on the way home!!

    Well done if you got through all that

    RIP Adam - 25th October 1990- 8th October 2012

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    Well done! Can't see the pics as I'm at work but it sounds like a mixed day which ended well! I always seem to ride better after falling off

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    Loved that report! Well done!

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    Fab report and brilliant pics! Well done!
    Native pony addict!

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    Thank you!! Doubly happy to have just found out a DC means Flynn gets another foundation point too! Clever cart horse

    RIP Adam - 25th October 1990- 8th October 2012


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